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VWIC 2023 Leadership Summit 

Taking Your Rightful Position with Power and Uniqueness

Numbers 27: 1 - 11

Make Plans or Change your Plans you do not want to miss this anointed experience.  

If you are only going to attend one conference this year - make this the one you attend!!!



Registration Due June 17, 2023

VWIC Registration and Hotel Information Below

VWIC 2023 Leadership Summit  

Registration Form

Summit Registration $300 - Women, $150 - Men

Select your Form of Payment

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Payment options

Please be sure to add your name for proper credit

o CashApp will be accepted in 4 payments of $75.00 each

 1st payment March 1

 2nd payment April 1

 3rd payment May 1

 4th payment June 1 = Final registration payment_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  

U.S. Mail 

 Should be received no later than Saturday 6/17/23.

             Full registration ($300.00) should be in the form of 

 a Money Order

Mail full registration and make payable to: 

Victorious Women In Christ

5220 So. Norwood Dr. 

St. Louis, MO 


 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  

Hilton San Antonio Hill Country Hotel
9800 Westover Hill Blvd
San Antonio, TX   78251

If you are a Hilton Honors member, please do not utilize your points.  If all points or points and cash are used you will not receive the VWIC room rate, nor will the booking be applied toward our required room block. 

Thank You

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